Angelica cries on GGV,she hasn't move-on with John Lloyd Cruz



Angelica Panganiban,one of the best actresses of ABS-CBN and we always watch her during the Sunday segment of Banana Sundae.

That 'Hugot' part of their show, Angelica Panganiban seems trying to express something she feels after her failed relationship with John Lloyd Cruz.

Panganiban as one of the guests of the GGV (Gandang Gabi Vice),during Vice interview, Panganiban shed tears as she tells everything to Vice regarding her experience after the said break up with John Lloyd.

She share to Vice what she  feels after the break up, she feels so down,hurt her self so much and feel pity at the same time,she realized she need to get up and move on.

She also tell Vice that she's a kind of girl that is usually keep her problem alone,rather than sharing it with her friends.


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