Duterte to order 'shoot-to-kill' for criminals.



Presumptive president-elect Rodrigo Duterte vowed Sunday to reintroduce the death penalty and give security forces “shoot-to-kill” orders in a devastating war on crime.

“What I will do is urge Congress to restore (the) death penalty by hanging,” Duterte, 71, told a press in his first press conference after winning the May 9 elections in a landslide.
“If you resist, show violent resistance, my order to police (will be) to shoot to kill. Shoot to kill for organized crime. You heard that? Shoot to kill for every organized crime,” he added.

Duterte also vowed to introduce a 2:00 am curfew on drinking in public places, and ban children from walking on the streets alone late at night.

If children were picked up on the streets, their parents would be arrested and thrown into jail for “abandonment”, Duterte said.

Do not destroy my country because I will kill you. I will kill you. No middle ground. As long as the requirements of the law are there, if you try to evade arrest, refuse arrest… and you put up a good fight or resist violently, I will say: ‘Kill them’.
The centerpiece of Duterte’s stunningly successful election campaign strategy was a pledge to end     crime within three to six months of being elected.
 Duterte is due to be sworn into office on June 30 for a six-year term.

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