Ellen Adarna reveal her true relationship with Baste Duterte



Few days ago a photo of Ellen Adarna and the son of Pres. Duterte was circulating in the web,and that various  photos were posted on her Instagram account, netizens were then quick to speculate that there is something romantic going on between her and the president elect’s son.

Ellen however was quick to clarify in an Instagram post that she is only friends with Baste.

“Sa mga fans ni baste ug sa mga "assuming".. naa cyay uyab. Pero dili ako, migo rami. Kkk so ayaw na pag imbento dinha. (Sa mga fans ni Baste at sa mga ‘assuming’. Meron siyang girlfriend. Pero hindi ako, friends lang kami. So huwag na kayong magimbento diyan).”

Ellen’s Instagram followers commended her honesty.
@shazroseto commented, “wahahhaa... that's why I love you @maria.elena.adarna kay dili ka plastic hehe.”

@jeananndurano posted, “@maria.elena.adarna is one of the most transparent person in showbiz... corak maam sa masuya lang hahahha... luv u Ellen luv from Vietnam.”

Netizen @cliffee05 posted, “You are so adorable ellen..”

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