Mayor Duterte to handle P6.4 Trillion debt from Aquino Administration

STAFF 11:57 AM

President Benigno Ninoy Aquino Jr.

FDC (Freedom from Debt Coalition) president Dr. Eduardo Tadem said in a news conference that Aquino has equaled former president Arroyo's debt statistics,making him as one of the  biggest borrower among the president from 1986 to present.

Aside from horde of problems, a bigger problem on country's debt will be handed down to the next Philippine President.

Data shows from World bank a staggering (66,383,249,000 USD) debt in 2011 which has got even bigger up to (77,658,912,000 USD) in 2014, a total of P6.4 trillion outstanding debt borrowed on Aquino's term.

Tadem emphasized that Aquino is the "biggest loan addict". With this, Filipinos should rise against debt as it is only propagating poverty and inequality, he added.

Walden Bello an economist and a congressional representative of the Akbayan Partylist expressed his view on the country's debt problem, he also added that it is criminal for the funds appropriated for other services to be cut only to pay for the debts of previous administration

Absolutely,Davao Mayor Rodrigo Duterte will surely left with such large debt.


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