8th Grade Teacher,got pregnant with her 13 year-old student,find out what she did next!


The 24-year-old former teacher Alexandria Vera , now faces continuous s*xual abuse of a child, she admitted that she has been in a relationship with her 13-year-old student over eight months ago.

An eighth-grade teacher who got pregnant after engaging in s*xual intercourse on a daily basis with her 13-year-old student has turned herself in earlier this month, police announced.

Vera had given the student her number on Instagram after he did not attend class and their relationship started from there and that was month of September.

According to the court documents, their relationship was not a secret – even in school. The boy’s parents also did not object to their relationship, and according to Vera, they were actually ‘very supportive and excited’ when she divulged her pregnancy.

However, the pregnancy has been terminated – she had started panicking after Child Protective Services arrived unannounced at the school last February. The probable cause document said she aborted her pregnancy after a child welfare investigator started asking her questions about her relationship with her student.

School officials have announced that Vera has been dismissed from her job. Aldine ISD, the organization that runs Stovall Middle School, has issued a statement proclaiming that they have been informed of the charges, and that they immediately moved to dismiss her from the school as well as place her on administrative leave.

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