A girl put in jail for being too"CHISMOSA"!



A girl known to be "Maring" is very famous in their neighborhood for making rumors and stories in other people was said to be  arrested, the authorities is already received a lot of complaints against this girl.  “Maring” is a housewife with three children and because of being at home, she just entertaining herself by making topics about other people, especially in her neighbors.

Maring dont have any knowledge regarding the consequences of her actions,that she is destroying a family relationship.

According to a source she made a story about a couple who is already 5 years in relationship and she said that she saw the man making love with another man and because the girl believes Maring, she immediately confront her boyfriend and end up their relationship.

“Maring destroyed many relationships and reputation, but some people is still believing her and that is very alarming, so we already filed a case against her so this can be stopped” the complainants said to our source. The complainant is very determined to put her in jail forever.


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