BREAKING:Philippines to be the Cleanest Country in the World-Duterte Administration!

STAFF 10:02 AM

Few more days,Pres. Elect. Mayor Duterte will lead the Philippines, but somehow even if his not already in the position we have witnessed changes.

Many Drug pushers and users voluntarily surrender to support the campaign against illegal drugs and corruption.

Now, Pres. Duterte want to make Philippines as the cleanest Country.One of the example is the unbelievable  change happened in Baclaran, Paranaque City, in the past the place is known for being dirty, crowded and full of trash because of many  violators, but today people who will violate the no littering law will be arrested and  will be facing fine of 500 pesos.

The illegal vendors, illegal parkers and some establishment was also removed so the road will become more spacious.

God Bless to our new President, might the change will always be for good and for the welfare of everybody.

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