GIGANTIC Fish Caught weighing 400 kgs. will be preserved at Cadiz City! Wow Amazing!


Fishermen in Masbate aboard the F/B Dona Laura of Laura Fishing caught a giant grouper fish last Monday.

The 7-foot grouper fish, locally known as enid, is believed to be a 7-footer and weighed around 400 kilos.

This fish was then brought to Cadiz City, Negros Occidental, where it became an instant celebrity, it will be preserved and plan to display for the next Pana-ad festival of Negros every month of April.

Most of the people who arrived at the compound located at Barangay Zone 4 made sure to capture the moment and took selfies with the giant enid.

For instance, a certain Bebang HIbang wrote that grouper fish of this size are not very desirable to consume as the meat does not taste good anymore. She said that it would have been a good step if they left the giant grouper alone.

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