MUST READ-Cory Aquino will be the 3rd Pinoy Saint?Find out why!


Saints are people that Christians, particularly the Roman Catholic Church, believe to have been the most holy and virtuous servants of God. 

 Saints are celebrated with prayers, days on the holy calendar, and in art and iconography in churches, and their lives are revered studied as examples for the rest of the faithful to follow.

As per rules of the Catholic Church, beatification can only begin six years after a person’s death. Cory died of colon cancer in August 2009.

A Jesuit priest close to the family of the late President Corazon Aquino to work for her sainthood now that she’s eligible to be beatified.

Fr. Catalino Arevalo sees no problem with starting the beatification process for Cory since she was a person with “extraordinary Christian virtues.”

“From what I know of Tita Cory, I see no difficulty whatsoever and I think that we should start thinking of the possibility of starting a process ourselves,” Arevalo said.


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