Must Read:Wife sliced her Husband reproductive organ,after she found out he was cheating!

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In happier times both she and her husband sold fried chicken in the Thai tourist town of Pattaya, known for its nightlife and popular with Brits.

But rumours began to circle that her husband, identified only as Somchai, was being unfaithful. When she realized he had allegedly cheated with her best friend it became too much.
She pretended to forgive him and lured him to take off his trousers by saying she would give him oral s*x.

But when he began to relax , she pulled out the box cutter knife and slashed at his genitals, almost severing his reproductive organ from his body completely.

When the extent of his injuries became clear, his wife called an ambulance for him.

Paramedics found Somchai in the middle of the street with blood pouring down his legs, clutching an ice pack to his groin and in severe distress.

He was rushed for surgery at the Bang Lamung Hospital with his wife in the ambulance too, but it’s too early to say if he will make a full recovery.

Police said they would wait for him to recover before asking questions about the attack.


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