Pls Do not Panic, If you see this weird thing when you crack an egg!-MUST READ

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For almost our entire lives, we have been cracking up raw eggs for cooking, and while doing so, you have definitely come across this white, gooey thing that resembles a rope which is attached to the yolk.

We love egg may it be served in breakfast,lunch or dinner.

It looks disgusting for some. But what is it exactly? Well, this twisted-looking cord is called ‘chalaza’, pronounced as cuh-lay-zah. 

Before you begin your detective moves, I wanna tell you one thing: even though the chalaza resembles an umbilical cord, it is not an umbilical cord.

The chalaza (chalazae in plural form) can be found on both sides of the egg yolk. The reason it’s attached to the egg is because it serves as a little anchor that holds the yolk in place at the center.

These rope-looking stuff will be mostly noticeable when separating the yolk from the whites. Don’t worry, they are completely edible, so there is no need to remove them. If you happen to see chalazae in your raw eggs, it i a good sign that the one you bought is fresh. It so happens that the chalazae disappear when the egg has been sitting at the fridge or at the store for a while.

The next time you see this white, chord-looking thing, do not freak out. It means you are going to cook fresh eggs.

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