Pope kissed Infant with Brain Tumor miraculously recovers



Gianna Masciantonio was a daughter of a family from Philadelphia,United States and was diagnosed with juvenile xanthogranuloma, a rare form of histiocytosis, or tumor in her brain stem,two months after her birth. Doctors told family members that their “little angel” had little chances of survival.

Joey Masciantonio,his father said that Gianna was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in an interview with NBC News. Gianna underwent brain surgeries and chemotherapy sessions for the next several months.

 After the family celebrated Gianna’s first birthday, the family received a phone call from a friend, who offered special them passes to welcome Pope Francis during his visit to the American state.

Unaware of the baby’s serious ailment, the Pope stopped to kiss Gianna’s forehead, centimeters away from the brain tumor.

Two months after the Pope kissed Gianna, a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging result declared that her tumor, which had repelled chemotherapy treatments before, had almost dissipated. The infant’s health has greatly improved.

A family feels blessed with a “miracle from the heavens” as their sick infant daughter is recovering fast after she was kissed by Pope Francis.

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