SHOCKING:Criminologist Commit Suicide,Know What the Reason is!


Love is the number one reason why people commit suicide.

24-year-old Jhun Opiniano, of Trinidad St., San Antonio Subdivision, Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, was found dead in the house of his friend Diosdado Ocampo, on Rebisco Road. Ocampo told to the police that Opiniano went to his house without the knowledge of his family to rest.

According to the victim’s sister, Opiniano had been depressed after his break up with his girlfriend.

Ocampo went out for an errand, but suddenly heard a gunshot from the house. He immediately went back to his home and found the victim slumped on the floor.

Heartbreak can lead to the so-called broken heart syndrome or stress induced cardiomyopathy, a temporary medical condition in which people suffer from sudden and extreme chest pain that mimics a heart attack.

Moreover, heartbreak can lead to depression that too much sadness pushed a person in a corner.

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