TOUCHING PHOTO: Child hugging his Mom Coffin Goes Viral-Must Share!

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Death is inevitable,but somehow we can easily accept the sudden lose of our love ones depending on its cause.

A recent Facebook post went viral after it showed a photo of a young boy up on a chair an hugging a coffin.

 According to the post, the boy’s mom died. The cause of her death was not discussed in details. In fact, only a little information was provided regarding the photo and the people in it.

How ever at a young age,they might not understand why some one is lying on a coffin,and this child asked.

‘Bakit di ko katabi na matulog si Mama (Why is mom not sleeping beside e anymore)?’ So heartbreaking…”

“He dragged the chair by himself and climbed to embrace his mama. My heart stopped when I saw this,”a source stated.

Why does someone so innocent have to go through an experience like this? Thankfully, the post went viral, gaining a lot of comments with heartwarming and encouraging messages.

For instance, Facebook user Jose Louis Salum-Castisimo Santos II told the boy through his comment that he should stay strong. “Your mama loves you more than herself… You need to live by her name and make her proud someday! Condolence little bro!”

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