VIDEO: WIFE beats Mistress and tear off Remaining Clothes Goes Viral!

STAFF 11:43 AM


This is why you should never mess with a married man – or in this case, the man’s wife. In a footage
caught by one of the bystanders in the scene, a Chinese woman was seen beating the alleged mistress of her husband in the middle of the street in Anhui province.

The wife, who was said to be wearing a beige top, was shouting at her repeatedly and continued to slap her. One of the women grabbed the mistress by the hair and slammed her into the ground, hitting it with full force. The mistress’ top was only left covering her front, thanks to her hold, or else it would have been left forgotten on the ground already. However, another deemed it not yet enough as she tries to further undress the woman, pulling at her shorts but failing to succeed. This prompted for the mistress to cry harder.

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