WATCH:140 square feet home,lives a simple filipina



Vina Lustado, who grew up in the Philippines  and lived a very modest lifestyle together with her eight siblings, said that her family did not have much to begin with. When she migrated to the US, she opted to live simply in a quaint house that is also moveable.

The video started with the structure and location of her house, which is now available in different designs to interested buyers. Those who helped her develop the mobile home shared details about it as well, such as carpenter Kris McCourtney and  her boyfriend Cliff Hultgren, who also works as a builder and welder.

Believe it or not, my kitchen is the biggest kitchen I’ve ever had in any of the guest houses I’ve been to, pretty much throughout my whole adult life, which is really crazy,” she said of her compact kitchen.

Lustado was encouraged to submit her resourceful home in Houzz’s website, where it garnered much attention from netizens.

Most people think of a home to be rooted in, but the tiny house allows you to have that flexibility and be grounded. I think that’s an amazing thing,” she said.   

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