WOW! Woman saved by her Fats,Find out how!


Jen Sheehan’s weight problem started when she was still a child. At 12 years old, she weighed about 95 kg and was a size 18 – a reason that made her a target to bullies.

Her awful lifestyle caught up with her when she suffered a stroke in 2005, at the young age of 25 with a massive weight of 203kg. The stroke put a hole in her heart and formed a blood clot, to which prompted for her to lose her vision for a while.

In year 2006 she survived in a car accident because she was save by her useless fats. However, she still received injuries such as huge slice on her right leg – deep enough for the bone to peak through, and a terrible crushed toe – to which was amputated later on.

At present, Jen could only afford to eat more than tiny spoonfuls – following her gastric sleeve which slipped off most of her weight. This left her with an abundance of saggy skin, but Jen refused to be tied down with this, despite feeling sad about it – she shared that she can finally walk without any aids and has been actively visiting the gym six days in a week.

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