10 PM Girl,Asked for Respect after spreading Her Video Scandal!


A certain Aubrey Mikaela Gonzales has been making round in the internet after a s*x sc@ndal video circulated in social media. She had been tagged as the 10pm girl.

In the video with her, was her ex-boyfriend Vladimir Velasco who is allegedly responsible for the public release of the video.

With this, Gonzales is now receiving tons of offensive comments and gained a lot of bashers for doing such acts in an early age. But this cyber-bullying have made everything worse for her and have led her away from recovery.

 In her page, Gonzales shared how she tried to commit suicide and poisoned herself. She was rushed to the hospital after that.

 She also shared her conversation with her Dad and posted;

She pleaded to everyone to stop bashing as we are all imperfect beings and that her life and her family’s life have been affected immensely.

 Quoting from her post, she said:

Meanwhile, she is also receiving overwhelming encouragements and thanked them on her page saying;
source: trendingbuzzer

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