13 Pregnant wives with one husband, is it Possible??-MUST READ!

STAFF 10:13 AM

The faces of the ladies are happy. Obviously, they do no mind sharing their highly fertile and sexy husband. In the country he comes from having 13 wives is Ok, but no one before the dude has ever set such a record.

 He got them all pregnant at the same time with just a few weeks’ break in between the conception dates.

The ladies are going to deliver babies almost all together. The age difference between these brothers and sisters is going to be 3 to 5 weeks at the most.

No one knows for sure if this photo and the whole story of the man and 13 wives is true. It could be fake.  Technically, such a “simultaneous” impregnation is possible. Scientists say that women who live under the same roof synchronize their periods.

They get the periods at the same time and their fertility time also falls in line. So, if the man had enough manpower to have sex with all of them in just a few days, he could impregnate them. Share your opinion on whether the story is true or false.

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