80 Year-old Man Sells vegetables in the Streets for a living-Touches the Heart of Netizens!

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Even though Government have Agencies to help senior citizens and other indigents people,yet not all people can avail the said benefits. There are still people at their old age striving to earn income in a very nice way to fulfill their needs.

Poverty is not a reason to commit crime, since we have the strength to work hard and a knowledge to use it in a nice way.

Take a look at this old man on how he earns  money through honest ways which is still the best option for him, no matter how hard their life can be .

85-year-old Efepanio Bacus walks under the hot sun everyday just to sell patola, or ‘sponge gourd’ to make money for him and his wife.

There were times when his 82-year-old wife Conchita Bacus would accompany him, but he was alone when these photos were taken.

Apparently, one time when they were both out of the house, an unidentified thief stole some of their belongings including a small radio and some pots and pans.

 So this time, his wife Conchita had to stay at home and guard their belongings.The couple from San Jose Maniki Kapalong in Davao Del Norte, captivated many netizens’ hearts, who were willing to help them in their financial need.

Facebook user Mika Carmela Asuncion was one person who had been helping them—and she decided to share their story on the said social media site.

source: viral 4 real

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