A Girl with no face-Read What Her Mother Explained!

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Her full name is Khadija Khatoon Khadija, and she comes from a city in the East of India called Kolkata.

She was born with this rare condition having no face. She has a small opening on the left side of her head, and it works as her mouth.

Doctors do not have a clear idea of why the child was born like that.

 They suppose the disease can be caused by neurofibromatosis. People with this condition grow large size tumors on their nerves. This extra skin on the girl’s face keeps on growing uncontrollably.

Here is what her mother says:

“She was born at home, but she did not open her eyes. She was born with thick heavy eyelids, and she looked different from my other kids at birth. But we did not think anything of it until we realized she could no longer open her eyes properly.”

The girl is mortified by the possibility of doing surgery, so she got reconciled with her disability and lived on with it. Here is what she says:

“I do no have any real friends, but I have my family. My family is my only friend, and I love them dearly. My parents are my world. I don’t talk to strangers. This is who I am, and this is the life I live, and I fill my days sitting and thinking, talking to my mother about life and going for walks nearby home. I like drinking tea. I am a happy person.”

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