A very young boy finds way to earn income for School expenses by selling Corn-Praises Netizens!

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When you dream and work for it, then you can have it. Prayers mix with effort and determination is a key to achieved your dreams.

If you were born poor,that's normal but if you die poor then that's sounds different.Some were lucky enough to have all they want. But reaping the fruit of success with many struggles feels different.

While most students today take education for granted, there are young ones who choose to do something about it. J-Ar from Bauang, La Union (Philippines) is just in his 3rd grade, but he works every weekend to earn for his own allowance to school.

 He travels from his home in Bauang to the city to sell corn for a little bit of extra money.

His determination caught a passenger’s attention on a jeep he was on, while on his way to the city.

The said passenger took a picture of the young boy, which went viral on social media. Unfortunately, the netizen only had P50 in the wallet and only managed to pay for the boy’s fare.

This story of a boy may not just go viral but lets take this as an inspiration.

source: viral 4 real

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