After Attending Poor Family Dinner,Girl Breaks up and Humiliate Boyfriend!

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Sweet Couple during Valentines day are spending their times together for a romantic treat but this Guy in China unfortunately celebrate it alone after his "Social Climber" girlfriend broke up with him.

The Guy invited his Girlfriend to visit their hometown for a family reunion and as well as introduce her  to his family.With such excitement,the family decided to served a food that would impress the girl,but it turn out not the way they expected.

After the girl saw the food prepared by the Family, she suddenly walk out from the dinner table showing disappointment,and eventually broke up with his boyfriend.

The former couple are dating for almost a year, but after the said family reunion,seeing the family status of a boy on how poor they were, she think about her future with the boy, that he might not provide her needs and support her all the way.

After leaving, she take a photo of the food prepared by the Family and post it in her Facebook account humiliating the family of a boy.

She said, “I came to my senses almost instantly and decided I’d save the crying and heartache later by breaking off with him now! But I’m afraid to leave because it’s dark outside and it’s tough getting transport so I’ll buy a train ticket back to Shanghai first thing in the morning!”

What's more shocking was when her parents and friends share the same thought, and praised her for breaking up with her boyfriend.

source: danified

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