BE ALERT: Recycled "Gutter Oil"used in Some Restaurant in China-Know the Effect!!!

STAFF 10:50 AM

A lot of fake products are now being monitored that came from china, even though some may sounds affordable but its too dangerous to consume.

When traveling to China, you might want to research first on where it is safest to eat because there have been plenty of reports of recycled gutter oil being used in some restaurants in the country. Considering that this gutter oil is taken from the sewers, not only is it disgusting, it can also be very harmful to your health!
What’s worse is that, sometimes, these restaurants don’t actually mean to use this contaminated oil but just got duped by merchants who market cheaper oil without telling them that this supposed cooking oil is actually one that came from the sewers!Moreover, ordinary consumers might not even know that they were using and consuming gutter oil because after some refinery techniques made by the unscrupulous crooks, the oil could look and smell like real, untainted cooking oil.

Effects of gutter oil may vary from one person to another but it could lead to indigestion and headaches. In worse cases, patients can suffer liver discomfort and cancer – when the product is ingested on a regular basis.Authorities have shut down some of these ‘oil refineries’ but many are still operating in some unknown backyards and selling their unhealthy products to unsuspecting consumers…

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