BE INSPIRED: A Japanese Man with a Filipino Heart-Must Read!


Japanese man named Kaoru admired the beauty of Philippines. It was 2006 when he first explored the wonders of Manila. He developed a fondness for the Filipino culture.

And by staying, he was easily attract and developed to a filipina beauty. Soon enough, he became romantically involved with a woman who he eventually impregnated.

 Kaoru decided to leave his comfortable life and headed back to the Philippines to tend to his lover and to fulfill his duty as a father to his unborn son.

His wife gave birth to a boy they named Reiji. But after knowing that Kaoru’s money ran thin.She abandoned Kaoru and her son in search of a greener pasture. Perhaps, greener than what she previously had when she still enjoyed  Kaoru’s riches.

In order to live , Kaoru resorted to scavenging garbage cans and making brooms for a living. He peddles the brooms anywhere his feet would take him. Kaoru repeats the laborious routine so as to provide for Reiji's need.

A certain Kyren Khaiyir Durante shared his life  struggle on Facebook in the hopes of getting Kaoru any form of help. Durante  buys brooms from the old man despite having no use of purchasing in excess of what she actually needs. 

 Local officials pitched in to provide the troubled father and son a nipa hut. In line with this, Reiji was granted the opportunity to go to school and an unidentified Good Samaritan gave Mang Kaoru a tri bike.

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