BEWARE: Fake foods Coming from China-Must Share!


China is one of the Biggest Country in the world, its increasing population become an increasing economic problem.

Their natural resources are slowly running out,to sustain the needs of its entire nation.That's the reason why counterfeit is very rampant in the country.

There are numerous reports of fake products from China,including gadgets and other equipment, but we didn't expect even food can have its fake version which can harm and affect peoples health and may result to death.

Fake rice noodles-China were closed down by authorities due to the illegal used of rotten grain and poisonous chemicals to manufacture rice noodles. Melamine Milk- contain cyanide which is not for human consumption.

Plastic Rice: If there’s one food item that should be impossible to fake, its rice. But some enterprising fakers have managed to sell counterfeit rice to an unsuspecting public. The fake rice is made from a combination of sweet potato, potatoes, and a synthetic resin made to look like rice.

Calling all the attention of buyers to check well and ensure the kind of food you are buying, be alert and wise.

source:Proud Pinoy ,

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