BEWARE: Unlicensed Dentist,Installing Fake Braces-Watch the Video!

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In western countries such as US, having these orthodontic cases suggest that a person is part of the league of the socially inept and the awkward. So it is quite puzzling that such an item is considered to be more of a fashion accessory than that of its true purpose—an instrument for dental correction. In other words, it is plain foolishness to have one’s teeth “fixed” if there is no need for such, let alone have a nonprofessional do it.

A1-minute video of an unlicensed dentist installing braces inside what seems to be a minivan is circulating online. An unidentified client availed of dental services from an illegally operating “mobile clinic”. The entire clip is painful to watch as the young man subjects himself to an excruciating ordeal in the name of beauty. Contrary to the prevailing stereotype in United States, wearing braces in the Philippines has become a status symbol, in some ways a mark of the privileged.This video is proof of the atrocities some resort to so as to look like a million bucks.

 In the said footage, an unnamed transvestite installs braces with his bare hands. From time to time, the patient twitches his face in pain. The entire material is an unsettling sight. Needless to say, the unauthorized procedure poses serious risks on a patient’s well-being. As Facebook user Abraham Mallari said, “Trying hard na trying hard [y]ung nagpa brace, mobile clinic social, bigyan ko ng 1 months (sic) mamamaga gilagid nito.” The leaked recording ends with the client paying approximately 3,000 pesos for the services.

source:Trending pinoy videos
video: filipino Netizens 


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