Bride to be did Something for her Deaf Parents that will surely touch your heart!-WATCH


Weddings are known to be memorable occasions.

This is a one in a lifetime event for both the husband and wife to be, Some couples touch the hearts of many because of their endearing vows, others through testimonies of their love shared by friends and family.

In this particular wedding, however, it was made extra special as a daughter of two deaf parents signed the lyrics of her wedding song for them to understand.

All throughout the ceremony, an interpreter was present. But it was when Julie, 23 year old, the bride and their daughter ,took matters into her own hands that made everything more exceptional.

The bride from Ohio and her unsuspecting father started to dance to Rascal Flatts’ ‘My Wish,’ when a video of her was projected into the screen – reciting the lyrics of the song in American Sign Language.

Scott could no longer keep his emotions in check by the end of the song as he burst into tears.

As the entire reception was in tears, Julie was surprised with the response she received. She confessed to having the idea already buried in her mind as early as when she got engaged.

The blushing bride, now a wife to her 26-year old husband Rob, admitted to being nervous before the dance, having no idea on how her father would react. But relief soon flooded her when she saw her dad looking genuinely happy.

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