Collapsed Footbridge is worth Php 1 Million Pesos built by a Congressman, and need to be replace by the Present Mayor!


During election period, lots of good words and many projects are being promised by Candidates, and of course after Election only few can pursue what they promise.

This photo of a bridge according to a Mayor in one town of Iloilo City is worth P1 million pesos and was allegedly built during the term of a certain Congressman way back 2009.Can you believe that footbridge is worth a million?

 According to a Mayor, this structure was finally finished in 2010 – all for a whopping budget of Php1 million!

With the recent heavy rains and the waters of the river swelling, the bridge which connected the villages collapsed into the river.

The mayor hastened his men to build another temporary bridge to replace this one but promised on his Facebook account to build a better bridge in 2017. His constituents would have to wait until 2017 for the new bridge since this has not been included in the budget for this year.

Netizens could not help but slam the unnamed congressman for the appearance of the bridge, considering that it was supposed to have been worth Php1 million. Surely, a bridge that costs that much would look so much better than some planks of wood and some pipe railings, right?

source: Definitely filipino

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