Concerned Neighbors Teach Lesson to a Husband who Violently beating his Wife!

STAFF 10:56 PM

Domestic Violence is when a person uses force or threats to manipulate a person. This violence are in different forms it can be Physical,emotional,or psychological.

Domestic violence is a serious crime that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid rising damage and danger over a long time.

It usually occurs between couples, the other partner refused to file a cased because they still love their abusive partner.

In China, a video was taken, a shirtless man beating his wife in public, he keep on punching ,pushing and kicking his wife on the body and on her head, but the helpless wife didn't run away to escape instead she keep on crying as her husband attack her.

A concerned man walked to intervened the husband but the husband try to punched the man and sked him to go away.

He continued punching and kicking his wife until his wife collapsed.The abusive man walked near the disturbed neighbor to provoke the people decided to teach him a lesson as what can you see in the video.

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