De Lima to SolGen: " I WILL NOT BACK OUT"

STAFF 12:59 PM

On Monday, July 11, Solicitor General Jose Calida said that he will provide all the legal support for the -PNP officers who will be facing harassment charges following the soon-to-be Senate investigations.

In response, the Senator is wondering why they react that way if the PNP officials are indeed innocent.

 Senator Lila De Lima will still push for a resolution in the Senate to conduct inquiry and investigation regarding the extrajudicial killings committed by police officers during their operations to bust illegal drugs users and traffickers.

“‘Yan nga pinagtataka ko. Why is there such a reaction?” De Lima told the reporters. “If they’re confident na above board lahat ‘yan, na sinusunod ang mga dapat sundin, mga patakaran o batas, lalo ang Saligang Batas, bakit ganyan reaction nila?

On the same instance, SolGen Calida said that the proposed Senate investigation is not entirely an ‘investigation in aid of legislation’ as the senator claims it to be, but only a ‘media mileage’.

 On this, De Lima responded that she knows the nature of a Senate inquiry and that she knows the rule and the Constitution.Despite the executive department’s opposition to her proposed move, De Lima maintained that she will not back down.

“I will not be intimidated. I will still push for my proposal to conduct a Senate inquiry unless the majority of my colleagues overrule me,” she said.

De Lima and Duterte are known to be in long-term opposition with each other. During her term as Chief Justice, the DOJ conducted an investigation against then Davao Mayor Duterte in a case of extrajudicial killings.

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