Dead Teen Came back to life after buried for so long!-Must Read!


 Death is inevitable, no one can escape to it, it can happen anytime and anywhere.

Losing a family member is such a sad thing.

But, would you be happy if someone you love came back to life? Literally, as in he/she will be alive again, rise up from the grave and walk towards you.

Another thing is, what would you do if you have been mistakenly declared dead and you wake up inside a coffin, inside a tomb? Horrible isn't it? Now watch this video that fits best with the things I have just said.Relatives in Honduras say noises were heard coming from the tomb of Nelsy Perez and her coffin showed signs of damage inside when unearthed.

 It all began, the family said, when Nelsy, who was three months pregnant, became suddenly ill in a way that made them suspect she had been possessed, and sent them running to a pastor. “The pastor asked her to repeat the word of God and she refused,” Nelsy’s boyfriend Rody Gonzales told Univision. “Another voice was coming out of her.

” When her condition worsened, the family took her to a hospital. She was pronounced dead a few hours later.

 Soon after she was buried, Gonzales visited the tomb and thought he heard banging from within. He said he thought it might be his nerves playing tricks until a cemetery worker also heard the strange noises.

 The family became even more convinced Nelsy had been buried alive once they had recovered the coffin.

source: World Virals

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