Do you have a trouble Sleeping? Here's a tip to sleep within 60 seconds!

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After work, we expect to rest well to recharge ourselves through having enough hours of sleep at night.But, we always have a hard time getting to sleep when we get home.

There are even instances when we fall asleep while listening to lectures at school, or take small naps at work—but we never seem to get to sleep right away when we reach our beds. Is there a way for us to sleep right away?

While many people resort to taking sleeping pills to get the sleep they need, there are still other ways that do not require medication.

What causes lack of sleep anyway?“The use of electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, and computers is something that’s changed just in the past 10 to 15 years, and I think that’s a big part of the problem,” says Namni Goel, PhD, who studies sleep disorders at the University of Pennsylvania.

So, with this at hand, what would be the best way to get enough sleep?
Doctors believe that this method is effective enough to make us sleep within 60 minutes. Watch and try it out yourself!

source:TNP and Viral


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