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A federal system refers to a two-tier government system  which combines a central administration and autonomous regional or state governments, such as in the United States, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and India, among others.

  Regional governments would generate their own income

Pres. Duterte administration is planning to group poor provinces with their more wealthy neighbors in dividing the Philippines under a proposed federal form of government.

Incoming Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez said this plan would address concerns raised by some lawmakers  that shifting from a unitary presidential system to a federal form of government would be unfair to poor provinces or regions.

“On the fear that poor regions (i.e., Samar and Leyte) may suffer under federalism, we will assure the people that we have already devised a plan wherein poor provinces will be grouped with better performing ones in order to help them strive and attain a better performing region,” Alvarez said.

Quezon City Rep. Feliciano Belmonte Jr. had previously warned that it would not be easy shifting to federalism  because of the huge gaps in income and resources among provinces and regions.

“What will happen to the places that are relatively poor at the moment and dependent on getting a share from the income of the rich regions?” Belmonte asked.

While he did not give any details of President Duterte’s proposed redivision of the Philippines, Alvarez maintained that only federalism would allow the regions to realize their full economic potential as self-governing units and to reduce strife

source. Inquirer, net

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