Ever Wondered What These White Lines On iPhones Mean?-Must Read

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Many useful features our phone has, but wasn't given attention because we focus first on its specs and just ignore the purpose of its physical appearance.

Check out the back of your iPhone 6S. Have you ever noticed this thing?You may have noticed these white lines.

 Believe it or not, they actually have a purpose.iPhone says they are part of the antennae system. But why does this phone need such things?Since the phone is made of aluminum, it needs these lines.

 Without it, the signal would be disrupted and would not transfer properly.Talk to anyone who owns this phone - they'll tell you they hate the look of these phones.

So Apple is devising a solution...They have just invented a way for the signal to transfer without those ugly lines. So that means the new phone will look a little different..

.The new iPhone 7 pictures have been leaked. That means it might look like this, and with no stupid lines!

source: AGMP

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