Filipino Family's Dinner paid by Caucasian Couple-Must Read!

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Prayer is so powerful, with strong faith you can have prayer anytime and anywhere without hesitation. God is paying us back more than we asked. Take time to read this family scenario.

A man named Karl Alain Arante had his faith in humanity restored during what he thought was an ordinary night out with his family. Arante, together with his wife and his family were in a restaurant to have supper. He and his spouse were having hard times in deciding what to order as they were on a lean budget.

A few moments later, they were able to arrive at an agreement as to what to have for dinner. As usual, his wife said grace before eating but this one in particular took quite some time to finish. With his stomach growling, Arante jokingly asked, “Why it (the prayer) took so long?” His wife responded that she has a lot to be thankful for. Then they proceeded to enjoy their meal.

A Caucasian man suddenly left his seat and approached the restaurant’s supervisor.When the man returned to his table, Arante noticed that the waiters were glancing and smiling at them. Confused with what was happening, he tried to ignore them while they were unusually courteous to Caucasian couple upon leaving the establishment.

By the time Arante’s mother asked for the bill, the waiter said that their tab has been paid for by the foreigners who overheard the heartfelt prayer. The two left them a message on their receipt: “ROMANS 1:16 THANK YOU FOR NOT BEING ASHAMED OF YOUR FAITH.”

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