Girl Forced to Marry a Dog!-Read and know the reason!


Talk about weird! Probably one of the most disturbing marriages recorded in modern history, this 18-year-old Indian girl was forced by village elders to marry a dog so that her evil curse would go away.

The girl’s father was even the one who ensured that the marriage ceremony happens and that the villagers were all happy. He even blessed the unusual union.

The dog which the girl, Mangli Munda, got married to was not even her pet. It was a stray dog which unfortunately became the subject of the villagers’ fancy.

 The worst is that Munda’s parents did nothing to oppose or even shield their daughter, but obeyed wholeheartedly and believed that their daughter was cursed and that a dog-marriage will free her from evil.

In a country that up to now believes in century-old traditions, weird marriages are common. This is still prevalent in many villages, despite the fact that a large portion of India has already made a paradigm shift in terms of their beliefs, customs and culture.

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