GOOD NEWS: 200 Japanese Company from China planning to move to Philippines!-Must Share!


After the result of Tribunal favoring Philippines in the ownership of West Philippine Sea, China seems cant accept the result of the ruling. Many Countries expressing their support to Philippines,such as South Korea and Japan.

Now its a good news that 200 Japanese companies operating and trading in China are set to relocate in Philippines.
According to Proud Pinoy Tv,the first reason of which would the recent island grabbing and illegal settlement of China on Scarborough Shoal, second, China’s economy is starting to go down, causing devaluation of their money, lastly, the Philippines has been on a roll in terms of their economic sustainability.
According to JCCIP (Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Philippines Inc., some of the companies have started moving out from China, and planning to trade in the Philippines.
There are already 1650 companies and a lot has been inquiring about the transfer. This could easily lead as high as 200 – 300 companies.
Most of the companies concern Information Technology (IT) and some are automotive part builders. Recently, Shimano just opened a 1.2 Billion PHP plant in Batangas.
Filipinos are known for their quality work and their capability to speak and communicate in the English language, this opportunity will be of big help to filipino's.
source: proudpinoytv
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