GOV. DELOSO CLAIM: Two and a Half Mountains were Sold to China and used in Building Artificial Island!


After the result of arbitration between China and Philippines in the ownership of South China Sea which favor Philippines. A certain secret was revealed about the Island in Scarborough Shoal.

Zambales Governor Amor Deloso admit that two and a half mountains in his province were sold to China and Chinese used it to build artificial islands in Scarborough Shoal.

Chinese were able to build 3,500 hectares artificial island out of these mountains. Governor Deloso already ordered to stop the operation and was concerned of the military base built in the island.The person or agency responsible for selling of those Mountains is still under investigation.
Whoever is responsible behind the selling of these mountains will be reprimanded under the rule of law, DENR Secretary Gina Lopez said in an interview.
Lopez already suspended six mining operations in the country. 4 in Zambalez and 2 in Palawan.

Watch the official report of UNTV below.



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