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Aside from the excruciating and sacrificial pain in giving birth, there are other difficult physical conditions that mothers go through during pregnancy. One is skin discoloration, and while it isn’t painful it is often bothersome and can affect your self-esteem.

Skin discoloration or hyperpigmentation is typical during pregnancy, doctors say. It happens when our body produces excessive melanin, the color-giving pigment. It can manifest on different parts of the body—usually on the face, belly, neck and underarms. But the problem many times is the discoloration won’t go away even after pregnancy.

Dark underarms caused by hyperpigmentation during pregnancy can fade and become lighter in the next few months after giving birth. But this is not always the case to all moms. If you have dark underarms now and you want to have your smooth and fair pits back, here are some tips on how you can make them beautiful again.

The best way to help your underarms go back to its light and beautiful state is avoiding things that make them darker. For instance, wearing tight tops cause a lot of friction against your underarms, resulting in skin irritation and eventually darkening.

To help your skin become lighter more quickly, wear clothes that won’t rub too much on your underarms. Make sure your pits can breathe.

Take care of your armpits well after getting rid of hair. Getting into a chlorinated pool or salt water or scrubbing the skin are some no-no’s after you’ve just removed hair from your pits. Otherwise, you may suffer from skin irritations and ultimately, darkening.

Your deodorant can ruin all your efforts in making your underarms lighter. It can be really counterproductive as it may have too many ingredients that harm your skin, leaving it only dry and dark. Maybe it’s time to use a new one, something that would really help, and mind the ingredients this time.

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