JUST IN: FB Page Claims Jaybee Sebastian was never a Drug Lord,he did a lot of Good In Bilibid,Really???

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Jaybee Sebastian who recently spotted with former DOJ and Presently Senator De Lima in a Photo revealed by SolGen Calida, a photo showing malicious intent to both Sebastian and De Lima.

According to Facebook page “Change is Possible”, convicted kidnapper Jaybee Sebastian was never involved in the illegal drug trade inside New Bilibid Prison (NBP).
In two lengthy posts titled “JAYBEE SEBASTIAN: AGENT OF CORRUPTION OR AGENT OF CHANGE?” and “THE TRUTH ABOUT JAYBEE SEBASTIAN”, Change is Possible claimed that Sebastian — aside from saying he was imprisoned thanks to a Chinese who “double-crossed” him in a business dealing — was genuinely seeking to reform himself in prison.It disputed the claim that Sebastian was a VIP; saying he neither lived in a luxurious “kubol” nor kept any contraband during his 15 years in prison. The videos of him wallowing in supposed luxury, the page said, was nothing but “election propaganda” since it was taken in 2012.
According to Kicker Daily News,the page also denied that Sebastian was a drug lord; saying that he was not part of the original “Bilibid 19” who were transferred to maximum-security because they were found to be living like kings and had illegal items like drugs in their cells.
“He was not part of the original “Bilibid 19” that was found with illegal contrabands and transferred to the NBI compound and later on transferred to Building 14 and isolated from the general population of Maximum Security Prison,” the page claimed.
Change is Possible also contended that Sebastian was the model of a good inmate inside Bilibid; having been the organizer and point man for various programs like workshops and sportsfests.
In its two posts, the page urged the public to give Sebastian — and anyone else — who is truly sincere a chance to change themselves.
“Let’s give CHANGE a CHANCE… Especially to those that are TRYING to change themselves given the CORRUPTION and CRIME surrounding them,” the page said.
Source: Kicker Daily News

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