Know 7 Amazing Facts on the male body. Number 5 is a surprise!-Find out


Men think that female body is a mystery. However, male body has some amazing secrets to uncover. Ladies, pay attention!

List of surprise facts about the male body

The male G-spot

Surely, it is also located inside his body and in area of prostate. Stimulating it can be tricky, but you can learn it with time.

An average manhood size

In the working condition, this organ in average can be around 16 cm. However, when caressed with lips, it gets bigger! The shortest male organ ever was just 4 cm and the longest 45 cm!

How much hair grows on his face?

A great beard may have over 15 000 follicles, but even a guy with a tiny growth on his face has at least 7 000 of them.

What position is the best?

 It does matter for making love. Some work better than others, like the one from behind, which is the favorite for many guys. It makes some come much faster.

Foreskin has its feelings!

It’s not just a piece of skin. It is much less sensitive than other parts of his manhood, but it is sensitive and caressing it leads to some pleasant moments for the guy.

Male vs. female nipples

They are the same by their sensitivity!  Did you know that?

How long does his apex in bed last?

The average time is just 6 seconds!

Once you learn these facts on how he functions, you can treat him better. Surprise your man in bed making love to him and stimulating all the points of interest.

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