Know the amazing reason why you shouldn't throw Bananas with Black Spots-Watch the video


Everyone wants to have a fair and beautiful skin, without the use of commercial products.

Who doesn’t love fresh fruits and vegetables? Everyone does. The more fresh your food looks like, the healthier it would be.

 But apparently, that isn’t the case for bananas. While most of us look for those smooth yellow-colored bananas, the black-spotted ones are apparently better!

Yes you read that right—black spotted bananas are better compared to those ‘beautiful’ bananas we buy.

After a few days of sitting on the counter, most bananas look ‘rotten’ as their skin begin to turn darker, and the banana itself sometimes turn brown in color.

 This is when most of us throw them away—thinking it isn’t good for the body.“The more dark patches a banana appears to have, the more ripe it is, and the more TNF it contains.

 TNF stands for Tumor Necrosis Factor, and it’s a cancer fighting substance that helps fight against abnormal cells in our bodies,” reports Sun Gazing.

 Watch the video below to learn more about why you should never waste black-spotted bananas again!

source: Viral 4 real


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