LOOK: Chinese Passenger Threw Hot water to a Flight Attendant-Her reason will shock you!


A Chinese Passenger on board an Air Asia Flight threw hot water from cup noodles to a flight attendant causing commotion inside the plane. Photo were taken by passengers,attendant covering her face due to pain.

Tourist from China have one of the worst reputation internationally. Its so bad they will be generalized that way.

The reason why the passenger got upset, after knowing she will be seated separately and not behind her boyfriend.After she threw hot water from the attendant she keep on yelling to her.Cabin crew immediately been there to calm down the situation.

Other passengers were shocked how terrible the lady was behaving.

The flight should be bound to china made a U-turn to Bangkok Airport to give stewardess a medical attention.

The lady and her partner take a separate flight after the incident.China's National Tourism Administration will give punishment for Couple for misbehaving and badly damaged the image of Chinese people.


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