LOOK: Dress made of PUBIC HAIR! WOULD YOU DARE TO WEAR?- Check this out!


Designer Sarah Louise Bryan come up with the idea following her show-stopping garment out of Skittles. The unconventional designer had a terrible past which forced her out of her family home; this incident had led to her discovery of her out of the box thinking and paved way to be known in the world of style.

Her candy garb opened several opportunities for her, including an offer from clothing company Ripleys to start her own fashion line. Wanting to continue her streak of unusual ideas, the 28-year old and mother of two decided to produce an outfit from pubic hair.

The £10,000 dress took her 6 months to make in the comfort of her home. She explained how the ensemble was not out of pure pubic hair, making use of thin, steel material as its base which manages to fold up. She then proceeded to apply hot glue to the hair in order to make it stick to the material underneath.

The whole process was not exactly easy and hygienic. She confessed of how she had to went through several steps in order to make it not as disgusting once worn – sterilizing the hair and dipping it into hot water in order to kill the bacteria. She came to a point when she questioned her actions as the hair scattered and it became an awful experience, but eventually worked it out after purchasing an eye and face mask.

She was able to pull off a bra top and a skirt, adding that she initially planned to make a bigger top but ran out of donated hair.

Source: Kami

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