LOOK: Employees go to the office UNDRESSED!- Reason might surprised you!


The last European dictator might consider watching his words the next time he demands something from his constituents before massive hilarity ensues – like what happened in Belarus.

In a nutshell, its citizens took great fun in mocking their president’s authority and verbal slip by going to work stark naked and proud.

Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’ current president and nicknamed as Europe’s last dictator, made a speech last week that encouraged Belarusians to think up innovative ideas that would help them make it through the economic crisis.

 At the summit in Minsk, the dictator announced: “We must get undressed and work.”

Perhaps he meant to say something else, which is a very likely scenario. Lukashenko probably meant that they needed to “develop and work”, not “undress and work” – these two phrases sound almost the same in Russian.

Regardless, the good people of Belrus decided to have a bit of fun and started following their leader’s words. They took to social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to post pictures of themselves in various states of undress while working.

 These posts can be perused under the hashtags #getnakedandgotowork and #getnakedandwork.

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