Look: Man claims he spend his night with a half-snake woman! so hilarious!

STAFF 10:56 AM

Not all posted in a social media sites is said to be true. some just made it for fame, unbelievable stories, out of hallucinations.

Take time to read this guys allegation,this Man from Nigeria claiming that he spend the night with a girl who turned her lower body into snake.

He met this beautiful woman while on his way to the town, the woman catches his attention, so he rent a room to spend with each other.

At the hotel, the lady refused to eat anything ,just only a drink ,so he ordered for red wine.The man then said that the woman started to move her body close to him,and that's the time he clearly saw the transformation of her body into snake.

He locked the door and ask help for the hotel attendant and report to the authority so that the woman cant escape, but sadly after the authorities arrive the alleged Woman who turned into snake disappeared.check below for more info:


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