Look: She covered her teeth with Aluminim foil-the result is very awesome!

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Every one wants to have a whiter teeth, having whiter teeth indicates cleanliness of ones self, but facing the fact that attaining white teeth in a professional way can spend a lot of money.Instead people are looking for more cheaper but effective way of teeth whitening.

It is important to brush, floss, and rinse with an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent tartar build-up, but there are times when all of this don’t work, and tartar continues to accumulate on your teeth.

 This results to certain infections, bad breath, and discoloration.There are many ways to keep our mouths clean, our teeth white, and our breath fresh—but for some people, making their teeth look whiter can be a hard task and needs enough money.

Teeth discoloration is hard to treat, and professional teeth whitening can be a pain in the wallet!

For people who want whiter teeth in no time, here is a cheap way to get whiter teeth in just days!
  1. Take a little baking soda and mix it with your usual toothpaste
  2. Take a piece of aluminum foil, and fold it so that it becomes wide and long as your teeth
  3. Apply the paste you got to the foil, and then put the foil on your teeth
  4. Let the foil stay on your teeth for an hour
If you want to get faster and better results, repeat this procedure twice a day in the following seven days.Also check below for more effective ways:


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