Man Allegedly Took Advantage of a Girl He met in FB Chat!!

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A twenty-three year old man is currently facing charges after allegedly, he took advantage of a girl he knew from Facebook.

 According to the suspect, who was later on identified as Raymart Salvador, he has nothing to do with the girl he was accused of.

For him, his hands are clean.However, for the victim, the 23-year-old man he thought was nice and kind, took advantage of her innocence and overpowered her.

The twenty-year-old girl whom had met Salvador after chatting with him on Facebook, said, she didn’t expect to be taken advantage of.

She just thought they would be friends, which can emerge to something better. But, Salvador insisted on doing what he intended.

How about you? Whose story do you believe in? Did he really take advantage the young girl? Or, the girl should have been aware of the risks.

 Well, a girl wouldn’t cry foul if she doesn’t feel disrespected, right? Who are we to question if she was raped or not when she was the one who experienced it?


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