MAN Sell's His Son for Wife's Lung Treatment,He's next Plan will surely touch your heart!-Must Share!


Choosing between your wife and your  son is one of the hardest decision a father can make. It is certainly hard to imagine what it would take for someone to choose one over the other but this man just did for some reasons.

Gao Duqiang, together with his wife and son, stayed along the streets of Zhuhai Square, Guangzhou, capital of South China’s Guangdong Province, as he looks for potential buyers of his son.

 Yes, he is selling his son for the reason that her wife needs medication and treatment as she suffers from lung failure. The burden of the family does not end to that when a flood washed away their belongings in their hometown.

“If my wife passes away, she will never come back, but we can bring back my son,” Gao Duqiang told reporters.

Gao provides for his family and works as a motorcycle driver while his wife, Pan Jinlian was a curtain factory worker before he got ill and was not able to work anymore.

 He said that though he knows that selling his son is against the law, he has no choice but to do it. What he can do according to him, is to work very hard to bring back his son by the time his wife gets better.

Tao, Gao’s son hid behind his mother when he was asked by reporters if he is aware of his father’s plan. The child just looked down, forced a smile and nodded. He utters ‘thanks’ to the people passing by who gave money.

Investigation showed that the poor couple has not been covered under any government poverty amelioration schemes.

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